Invisible No More

my love affair with words


on January 5, 2015

peeling back the layers

of the building

that surrounds me

I am surprised

by the toughness

of it’s skin

echoing outward

before me

your voice

comes rushing back

to haunt me

Rushing back to

taunt me

Achingly I know

I can never


what is hidden

deep inside of


peeling back the layers

of the structure

that confines me

I find myself

alone and aching

filled with madness

and rage

I am slowly


I am broken

courtesies of the past

ripped away

torn away from me

leaving me reeling

blinking in


peeling back the


peeling back the


peeling back



Excited now I’m

almost there

I’m almost

to the end

I’m almost

at the core

peeling back the

layers I


in horror

as the last

layer falls


there is nothing


but a space

a pause

a respite

and then more


more me…





back the



                                         ©Patti Keno

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