Invisible No More

my love affair with words

Light and Run

Light and Run


The air around us is thick with

gun powder

The overhead hanging of clouds only

makes the reports louder

I long to be with you

but I am stuck here again

with nothing to do

I long to see your face

shadowed with the pretty lights

It makes me forget the hatred

forget the fights

I miss you I say as I light

and run

It flares up bright as the sun

And I think of you and

your gentle laughter

I’d always dreaded what

came after

The sparks die down and

fizzle out

I miss you without a doubt


©Patti Keno

Dedicated to the man I never knew.

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A Murder of One

Don’t forget to order your copy of my book A Murder of One​
It’s available now on Amazon, paperback and Kindle versions available. Or Contact me for an autographed copy. There is an excerpt from my next book tentatively titled: Shattered with a hopeful end of May release date.

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I lost another one today

my heart broke again today
wanting and waiting and wasting away
Another moment lost
another tear to fall
he could have changed my life
he could have rocked my world
waiting and wanting and wasting away
lost once more on the sea
of yesterdays past
of people lost
moments gone
they glare in front of me
making me ache
making my heart break
over and over again
i just want to hide
i just want to hide away
and lose myself
i just want to be lost
lost again
i don’t want to see
i don’t want to see
what i know I can NEVER have
what i know i can NEVER be
i don’t want to see
waiting and wanting and wasting away
i lost another one today
i lost another one today
whimper want or whisper stay
i lost another one today




©Patti Keno


“whimper want or whisper stay” is a line by Shane Murphy

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Dismissing me
waiting in remittance
aching with
It’s all inside me
as I stand
before you
and listen
to your words
of shame
your words
of dismissal
dismissing me
as if i
nothing to
and it is
in that
time of
that i have
come to realize
I meant
less to you
than you’ve
ever meant
to me


©Patti Keno

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walk away

Leave me alone
let me be
let me shift back into
don’t eyeball me
with your closed eyes
and your stained heart
leave me be
I’m not here to please you
if you don’t like me then walk away
i never asked for your friendship
and I don’t want it anyway
not if you constantly
look at me
and roll your eyes
and tsk your tongue
you’re not any better than me
you never were
and you never will be
just leave me alone
don’t come round here no more
just let me be
I’d rather be alone
then looked at as if i am crazy
i’m not
i’m just me
and if you don’t like that
then just turn around
and walk away
you’re not welcome here


©Patti Keno

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Stay Tuned…..

So for the past couple months i have been working on getting my novel ready to self-publish. I’m excited to tell you that though not quite ready yet, it will be sometime soon.  Hopefully before the end of February. YAY!!!!  It’s called  A Murder of One.  I wrote it 20 years ago and have been perfecting it ***cough***procrastinating***cough*** ever since. SO yeah.  I’ll keep you updated. I’m so excited!!! 🙂



The 20 year goodbye

Take me
Break me
I’ve got nothing
left to give

Open me
close me
I’ve got nothing
left inside

Hold me
Scold me
I’ve got nothing
left for you


©Patti Keno


this is how

with hand to chest

and lips to finger pressed

I cannot move I cannot rest


this is how I ache

this is how I break


with hand to hips

and tongue to swollen lips

I explore you with my fingertips


this is how I ache

this is how I break


with heart to darkness

and lips to one last kiss

I cannot stop I cannot resist


this is how I ache

this is how I break


with hand to knee

and mouth to desperate plea

I beg you not to abandon me


this is how I ache

this is how I break


with tears to eyes

and lungs to broken sighs

I am left alone without goodbyes


this is how I ache

this is how I break





©Patti Keno

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