Invisible No More

my love affair with words

walk away

Leave me alone
let me be
let me shift back into
don’t eyeball me
with your closed eyes
and your stained heart
leave me be
I’m not here to please you
if you don’t like me then walk away
i never asked for your friendship
and I don’t want it anyway
not if you constantly
look at me
and roll your eyes
and tsk your tongue
you’re not any better than me
you never were
and you never will be
just leave me alone
don’t come round here no more
just let me be
I’d rather be alone
then looked at as if i am crazy
i’m not
i’m just me
and if you don’t like that
then just turn around
and walk away
you’re not welcome here


©Patti Keno

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What would I be

with out this pen in

my hand

this notebook resting

on my knee

the words scratching

their way to the


longing to be heard

where would I be

some other place

I wouldn’t be here now

I wouldn’t be me

not without my pen

and paper

not without my words

I wouldn’t be me

I wouldn’t be this…





                                      ©Patti Keno

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Swirling around me
they giggle and point
and laugh at my hair
as i am trapped
in my cage
behind all the faces
all the porcelain eyes
that seem to protect me
but expose me at the same
they move around my cage
threatening me
with their questions
their longing stares
no no
not me
I’m not the puppet master
no no
not me
I don’t control the strings
I’m just Pinnochio
a wooden boy
waiting to be real
hoping to be real
one day
I sit in my cage
and hope you don’t see
hidden behind my fears
hidden behind
these eyes
that protect me
but scare me all at once


©Patti Keno

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I wait here in this
so silent so
I wait and
I retract
I recoil
I step back
you stifle me
with your eyes
i lose everything
i worked
so hard
to gain
I try to contain
to elliviate
the ache
this silence
that echoes past
my refrain
and ends well into
my chorus
I wait
I retract
I dissolve
I disappear
waiting here
for you


©Patti Keno

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Ah! to crumble me

to break me down in pieces

as I stand before you

begging for freedom

what joy can be found

in watching me fall

Ah! to shatter me

to shard me into pieces

and watch in pure joy

as I glitter to the floor

in front of you

what rush can be found

in watching me

writhe on the ground

at your feet

what joy

what utter joy

can be derived

from crushing me

with your look

you laugh as you watch me

flinch away from your hand

as you raise it

to touch your face

Ah! to destroy me

to completely disintegrate me

as I stand before you

begging for your love

your approval

what pleasure can be found there

what power can be derived

from making me fall

from watching me fall

down to worship at your feet

Ah! to bleed me

to bleed me completely dry



I hate the control you have over me



©Patti Keno


Hair Cut

This desperate desire
for something more
than what is
for something more then what was
taking your hand
and grasping that chunk of hair
that you cut
thinking of all the days it knew
you rub your head
so short now
your head so light
should be easier to think
but then the headache sets in
and you lose your concentration
you lose the silence you
tried to commit to memory
and the voices close in
and the memories rise
to swallow you
in a volcano of emotion
leaving behind nothing
but ash
nothing but a hollow hole
where you once stood
Vesuvius all over again
volcanic eruptions swallow you
in their hot molten lava flow
and you are burnt
nothing but ashes
nothing but ashes and hair


©Patti Keno

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